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Profile Exclusive Podcast Season 1 Episode 9 Featuring Jacques Bessoudo Of Galium Capital

Season 1 Episode 9 of the PROFILE Exclusive Podcast by PROFILEmiami features Jacques Bessoudo of Galium Capital. Jacques serves as Managing Partner of Galium Capital, a Miami-based private equity group which he founded in 2018. Galium Capital invests in and manages over $600 million of commercial property in major markets across the United States. Galium Capital’s portfolio comprises of multifamily, office, and retail assets across various major national markets including Houston, Palm Beach and Washington DC, amongst others.

Previous to founding Galium Capital Jacques oversaw the management of over 200 single-family homes across South Florida and spent eight years with The Boston Consulting Group, one of the top global strategy consulting firms. Jacques holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a BA in Finance from ITESM.

The PROFILE Exclusive Podcast by PROFILEmiami, the leader in South Florida residential and commercial real estate news and content, profiles and gets intimate with the movers and shakers in the South Florida real estate industry. Throughout the series we will interview and get inside the minds of South Florida's top developers, investors, brokers, architects, designers, etc. The PROFILE Exclusive Podcast is hosted by Demetri Demascus Co-Founder of PROFILEmiami and Director of Business Development at private equity group Galium Capital as well as Katya Demina, Co-Founder of PROFILEmiami and Development Associate at development firm Royal Palm Companies.



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